I'd like to talk to him.

I did it and I would do it again.

The boss is hard to get along with. But if I try to talk to him about problems I have at work he might have a little heart. Even a hunter can't kill a bird who flies to him for protection.

What's Robin going to do next summer?

Major has already given me enough money.

My appointment at the hospital completely slipped my mind. Why didn't you remind me?

He's progressing.

I want to practice a little more.

Please show me another.

Case didn't show up for work on Monday.

This really ticks me off!

Her dream of a lifetime finally came true.

I thought Al might know Ernest.

Mathematicians are creative artists, their artworks being sophisticated constructs of ideas and aesthetic proofs.

My dog is white.


The names of the players are written on their lockers.

Our teacher says: "Of course you can."

This is a map of Ninohe District.

This is my new video.

Roberta's nerves caused her to mess up her job interview.


The vampire sprang back to life.

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I'm afraid of flying.


Do you want this done quickly or do you want this done right?

Walk with me, Arlene.

Didn't you hear the scream?

How tall is your youngest brother?

There were 150 passengers on the plane.

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You didn't tell them what they wrote in that blog.


My wife did not want to play chess with me.

She works across the border.

They are idle as usual.


The lake is ten miles about.

This is called hatsumode, the first visit to a shrine.

We're baffled.

I can't write anything at all.

Cynthia said that he didn't have time to answer all my questions.

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Who's your favorite reality TV star?

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The goal is still some distance away.

Spyros absconded with all the money donated for earthquake relief.

The house was struck by lightning yesterday.

I'm very sleepy and it's late.

Lana withheld information from us.

It's best to stay away from Chuck.

Rand bought an expensive toy for his young son, who then proceeded to spend hours playing with the box it came in.

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Everything was very good.

Did anything surprise you?

Steven winced slightly.

He does nothing but play all day.

You must be a good cook.


She plays volleyball better than I.

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Do you need an ambulance?

I don't read newspapers much.

Sugih sat down on a folding chair.

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This hen does not lay eggs at all these days.

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Go ahead and write your letter. I'll wait.

You need to take note of this!

I had to get away from Kuldip.


Why are you all laughing?

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Those who have a long hair own a blow-dryer.

One police officer is dead.

The tired old lady had bags under her eyes.

Could you put these in a box?

Why don't you come to the zoo with me?

How many litres of oil are there in the barrel?

Nou said he'd be willing to do anything for me.

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I smelled Jerald's perfume, so I knew she'd been in the room.

Stanley and I weren't friends.

She had never been kissed like that before.


What with the wind and the rain, our walk was spoiled.

Sehyo knows almost nothing about Carol.

The lorry dumped the sand on the ground.

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Many improvements have been made since this century began.

I can't remember anything from last night.

Didn't you disregard a stop sign?

I'm taking it slow right now.

It's never just a kiss.

I hope all but one of your dreams come true, so you always have something to strive for.

What turned her against you?

Did Rajeev tell you he's studying French?

Who gave you these flowers?

Tell me about your dreams, Kevan.

I'm not going to make it there on time.


I am counting on you.


Go talk to them.


It's too far to walk to the station, so let's take a bus.


We rented an apartment when we lived in New York.

Don't take this personally.

His opinion will probably be accepted.

What's been bothering you?

Taiwan is the democratic China.

Mr. Sato collapsed from exhaustion.

I want with you to conquer the world but I feel we can't go too far.

I didn't know you were so tired.

Him alone did she love and nobody else did she care about.

Hillary shoved his stuff into the backpack.

They had to pass the tradition on to the next generation.

We are flying above the clouds.

I need to check on Rodent.

They believe in a life after death.

You are a bad boy.

I know you like him.

What's got you so bothered?


Rituals were performed in churches.


Barton and Markus don't want us here.

I don't believe I'm even standing here.

We're not afraid of political correctness.

Excessive concern with safety can be dangerous.

What's your favorite kind of chewing gum?

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Moran went berserk.

It's really challenging.

I give the money to my son.

What was it that you did there?

You've done something wrong.


Dwight has many friends.


I will go, rain or shine.

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I have done all of my homework and I'd like to take a short break.

He took off her clothes.

I'm afraid this isn't working out.

I have no money on me.

I have a report to write.

Who has the gun?

I really am interested.

The two Queens are very different.

I've retired and I'm going to take it easy for a while.

Perhaps I could have Vishal take care of that for you.

He had to learn to accept that failures were necessary milestones on the road to success.

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Therefore, we try to persuade people not to have cash, to have money electronically transferred.


All my pains are nothing compared to yours.

To some life is pleasure, to others suffering.

This is my home now.


They are crying down Sanford's new theory.

Pravin told me he wanted to learn French.

If you learn how to do card tricks you'll always be the life of the party.

I've done what you wanted.

Where is the pain?

The reason I'm saying this movie is good is that, not only is the artistic content good, the music is too.

Wood floats in water.


The snow was brilliant in the morning sun.

He's bananas about cleanliness.

He is far from suitable for that job.

That used to mean a lot to me.

Here, you can get close to the action.


Who will Gregor sell his car to?

We've had a long week.

He was knee deep in mud.

Don't you ever sleep?

We need to hear what happened.

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You shouldn't have talked to June like that.

Would that be OK?

Belinda opened the front door to let the dog out.


I am reckless.

The dog followed me.

I know it's asking a lot.

She sold some apples at the market.

A trickle of blood ran down his neck.


He is a little over forty.

They asked Louise to play the guitar.

Steven performed a magic trick.

What does it all mean?

Who gave the orders?

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You're such a hard worker.